Softimage Project focuses on the connection between digital and analog elements within the visual arts, based on the latest (post)digital innovations across various media.
11 January 2024 - 14 January 2024
Opening: Thursday, 11 January, 6 pm
Lobe Block Berlin: Boettgerstraße 16

ILB Prize Ceremony and Opening of Duo-Exhibition of Prizewinners
"Unter den Baeumen regnet es zweimal (It rains twice under the trees)“
When: Thursday, 5pm, 18. January 2024
Where: ILB, Babelsberger Straße 21, 14473 Potsdam, Germany
Registration is mandatory on this link

Win the ILB prize for young artist under 40 years old
From Magazine "In Potsdam" Jan/Feb 2024

Participating as one of the juries in Creative Bursary 2023 from the Supporting Act Foundation
For supporting emerging artists from underrecognised groups
@thesupportingactfoundation @wetransfer

Nominated for 2oth Brandenburgischer Kunstpreis 2023
Schloss Neuhardenberg, DE
Group exhibition for all the nominated artists
28.06. - 20.08.2023

Nominated for the Nordwest Prize 2023
Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven, DE
Group exhibition for all the nominated artists
04.03 - 9.04.2023

Big City Baby
Zitadelle: Zentrum fuer aktuelle Kunst, Berlin, DE
10.09 - 01.01.2023
Vernissage 09.09.2022 19 Uhr

Justamente Kunstfest
Flebbe-Haus, Bohlweg1-2, Braunschweig, DE
09.09 - 11.09.2022
Vernissage 09.09.2022 19 Uhr

Natur - Mensch
Nationalparkgemeinde Sank Andreasberg, Braunlage, DE
10.09 - 29.10.2022
Vernissage 09.09.2022 19 Uhr

Artist Talk
Dioezesan Museum, Rottenburg, DE
28.8.2022, 2-7pm

We must take action
XXII International Cerveira Biennial, Foundation Art Biennial of Cerveira, PT
16.07 - 31.12.2022

Dioezesan Museum, Rottenburg, DE
19.06 - 28.8.2022

Katalog zum Kunstwettbewerb der Dioezese Rottenburg-Stuttgart 2021/2022
Melanie Prange (Hg.) / Christine Bozler-Kießling (Hg.)
Reihe: PARTICIPARE! Schriften des Dioezesanmuseums Rottenburg (Band 12)
Jan Thorbecke Verlag, Ostfildern, 2022

Der Stand der Dinge
Group Exhibition, Kunstverein Ebersberg, DE
25.02 - 20.03.2022

Maerkisches Stipendium fuer Bildende Kunst - Zeichnung 2022
Group Exhibition, Luedenscheid, DE
22.10 - 21.11. 2021

Open Skies
Group Exhibition, Die H_LLE, Brunswick, DE
26.06 - 27.06. 2021

Double Orbit - art to believe
Group Exhibition, St. Andreas, Brunswick, DE
25.06 - 10.10. 2021

HBK Open Studio
Online Exhibition

Spit John
Online Exhibition

St. Moritz Art Academy
Working Grant
St. Moritz, CH
February 2020

One and an other are another
Group Exhibition
ad/ad Projekt Space, Hannover, DE
February 2019

On the blue sky and the stars
Group Exhibition
Dechanatstraße 13-15 Konzertsaal, Bremen, DE, 2018